Thursday, March 26, 2009

Temporary change of direction.

I have to pick a different tack. Changes in the wind dictate a course change. If you know me, this will probably come as no significant surprise. If you are unfortunate enough to lack an RSS feed, you'll prolly not get any further push updates by me, alas! Anyhoo, this site is getting new stuff. Lots of new stuff. It's crazy. It may appeal, it may not - flee if need be this is for me.

I'm going to break it down one time on some gear. I'm also going to flood reviews of hikes, restaurants, beer, etc. All these posts have been held up by the lack of connection since my outside-work internet has been extremely limited for about 6 months now. A story in itself, but that'll require a bit of careful editing - I've just not been diarizing as often as I ought. This current episode might just be the mental fiber need to clear the brain constipation...

What have I been doing during the winter? There is no end to the cool stuff that has happened in this period, and I did record some bits for later autodigestion. I post them shortly.

As far as the new gear that prompted this diarrhea is concerned, it's mostly pretty decent. I shopped it pretty hard. I so got not a ton of money, so these are for you if like relatively affordable high quality stuff.

So it begins:
Cousin Jason's Beer Story
Kershaw Damascus Scallion Frame Lock DLC + Damascus Scallion Frame Lock + F'ing Damascus Steel + Tuf Cloth
Daniel Cash's 1%'er
Hot Shit: Pepper Infused Vodka, Hot Sauce, Dried Peppers + Ketchup Fail
More Hot Shit: Ultimate Bloody Mary
Pocket Gear: Gerber Infinity Ultra 1 AA Light + Gerber Artifact + IDL Tools (both microtool models)
More Pocket Gear: Leatherman - all the good shit.
Desk Gear: Soyo 22" Widescreen Monitors + Razer Diamondback Mouses

Camping Gear: Cat's Meow Sleeping Bag + Sirius 2 Tent + Big Agnes Air Core Sleeping Pad
Drive From Hell: Chico/Stockton/San Francisco Trip + Clutch Slave + Bad Food
Deliciousness: Chico/Oroville/Corning Olives and Oil
Thrifty: Food in the woods + Mushrooms
Extreme hedonism: EaT + Bamboo + Special Occasions + Salty's + Some F'ing No'Po Breakfast Restaurant That Was Actually Really Good
Hikes: Saddle Mtn., Gorge Hike Summary
More Hikes: Plans for Spring/Summer/Fall

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