Sunday, September 21, 2008

Grilling Pizza with Bob's Harem

I spent Friday night in the company of four lovely ladies that comprise exactly half of "Bob's Harem". We grilled pizzas at Kelly's house on her huge grill, using fresh ingredients and homemade pizza dough. Kelly found some pizza pans that work on the grill, even allowing you to shut the lid without removing the handles. We figured that out later, but it's still nice to know.

I attempted to make the Margarita pizza, but our pies were fairly small, so all of my cheese just made a puddle on top, despite my attempt to spread out the little bits of fresh mozzerella. I grilled my crust to a nice level of crispiness, and the tomatoes and basil blended well with the sauce (Boboli out of the bag.) Delicious. I grilled some of the leftover bell peppers and a few of the mushrooms to snack on after. We had multiple wines, and Cape Cod's made with orange Stoli and "light" cranberry juice.

At the end, we all got to play with some vintage Strawberry Shortcake dolls. I guess I'm the Purple Pieman from this point forward.

High points:
Kelly setting off minor propane explosions. She didn't need those eyebrows anyway...
Calla charring the crust of her mountainous pie. Panic!
Emily snapping photos of everyone and everything.
Pam utterly failing to provoke, shock, or titillate during our impromptu "Would You Rather?" game.

There were some adorable hummingbirds in Kelly's backyard, and I'm borrowing her collection of classic arcade games to destroy my home productivity for a few days.

Summer is almost over, and this was a very pleasant way to spend one of the remaining evenings.

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