Tuesday, June 3, 2008


This evening, I got to enjoy a very nice dinner with some strangers from work at a restaurant I've never been to before - saucebox.

My overall summary: amazing cocktails of various flavors, good to superb pan-asian dishes, somewhat pricey, excellent service.

My first cocktail had a giant wedge of cucumber in it, and was gone in a couple of sips. I know it was absolutely delicious although I don't remember it very distinctly, but what can I say? It was a hard day at work!

The second cocktail I had was the Samauri Mary, basically a Bloody Mary with slightly different spices. It was spicy enough to make me actually sip it, and lasted through dinner - complementing the food very well, actually.

Tasted a third cocktail: Love You Long Time. Oh, what a lip-smacking treat! I'll get this one again for sure.

The meal, pulling straight from their online menu -
saucebox chilled organic soft tofu with ginger, soy sauce, scallions and bonito flakes 7

I think if you name a dish after your restaurant (or vice versa) it oughtta blow my mind. This was tasty, no doubt... but what isn't when you add those ingredients?

rare grilled hawaiian ahi stir-fry of asparagus, snow peas, shiitake mushrooms and water chestnuts, yuzu-sesame vinaigrette, lotus chips 26

So nice, so nice. I could have eaten myself sick with this dish several times over, given sufficient funds to buy more. Very rare sesame seed covered tuna, thinly sliced, with minimal dressing. Contrasted nicely by perfectly cooked interesting vegetables and a little bit of sauce to dredge the fish in. Oh, I think I need a moment alone.

Also tasted their grilled squid skewers - nice. Always fond of tentacles, and these were so fresh I'm surprised they weren't writhing in my mouth. The actual skewered squid flesh was merely okay until the sauce was added (some kind of mint dressing), and then disappeared under the sauce flavor.

Another taste was the green curry - rich, coconut milk broth. Not terribly spicy in any direction, but with some good flavors.

One final sample was the Grilled Pork Satay. Very nice, especially with the seasoned pineapple bits. Their noodles were interesting, and I'd totally consider eating this dish again.

Very attentive service throughout. This was somewhat expensive ($57) for a very nice dinner, and all around an excellent place to eat. I feel that I would REALLY like to go hit their cocktail menu for happy hour again and again and again...mainly because I think it is much less expensive than eating off the regular dinner menu.

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